Thursday, May 6, 2010

All in the Family

As wedding designers, we understand the emotional roller coaster one takes while planning a wedding. We experienced it first-hand, however, for our first in-house wedding this past August.

Big Events Wedding founders Martha and Malcolm Greenwood played both designers and parents of the bride, allowing them to experience the other side! Counterpart and planner extraordinaire Denise Sikes handled all day-of duties, ensuring the Greenwoods were able to enjoy the nuptials of their daughter, Molly Greenwood, to Tommy Vester.

In sharing our work for the Greenwood-Vester wedding, take a look at time-honored traditions, coordinated with unique touches woven together into a theme, displaying Molly's personal tastes and wishes.
Wedding at Covenant Presbyterian Church. Photography by the fabulous Michael Howard.

Stay up is the reception!

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