Friday, May 7, 2010

All in the Family II

One more thing about the ceremony....while wedding planners Martha and Malcolm enjoyed the experience from the other side, Denise had a secret unbeknownst to both parents and bride. As the congregation began to pray, a magnificent sound radiated through the sanctuary- the sound of two renowned soloists singing "The Prayer" in both English and Italian. It was quite a moment!

At the reception, the dance floor was lit with a monogrammed leaf gobo, a motif designed by Martha and Molly that was thougtfully threaded through the entire wedding.

It was the perfect backdrop for an absolutely magnificent cake by Leland Riggins of Dessert Designs. Composed of caramel icing between layers of sour cream pound cake and chocolate decadent cake, Martha had come up with the idea years earlier as a way for guests to have a bit of bride and groom cake all in one bite. Yum!

The War Memorial Auditorium was lit in the center by a magical chandelier dripping in crystals, and the place was literally dripping with roses and hydrangeas in peaches, pinks, greens, and whites.

We even had a surprise for the gentlemen in their restroom....!

The night ended with the happy couple departing through a shower of our absolute favorite confetti! Our first in-house wedding was definitely a night we will never forget.

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