Tuesday, August 31, 2010

schermerhorn open house

back in march, we had so much fun doing an open house at the schermerhorn symphony center. it made what happened less than two months later hit very close to home....not only do we love the venue along with its' wonderful people, but we, like many others, had a bride that we were forced to find a new venue for (which thankfully worked out great- more on that in a later post)

so, as a tribute to one of our favorite venues in nashville, we wanted to post some of the pictures from the open house. we can't wait until this beautiful place is back up and running, and know that they need our community's support in every way to get their feet back on the ground!

fun linens from connie duglin for the founders room....black and white damask and faux lamps filled with chartreuse cymbidium orchids, with a mix of very modern black and white appetizer and dinner plates

more pretty linens from connie duglin for the upstairs lobby! aqua with fun flowers in peaches, oranges, fuschia and dark purple.

we did large lucite box light installations in the main hall, and created seating situations with surrounding banquettes, tables, and chiavari chairs. centerpieces on the cocktail tables were beds of moss topped with glass cloches filled with twisted calla lillies and orchids.

and another look at our custom mirrored bars- they're available to rent, so feel free to call us at (615) 371-1223 for more information!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

biedenharn-fenske wedding- sneek peak!

just a little tidbit from the wedding we did back in july with the fabulous mary rosenbaum. loving the antique feel of these photos! stay tuned for more details...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

digiorgio-robertson wedding

back on june 13th, we did a wedding at one of our favorite venues, the pleasant hill mansion at the governors club in brentwood. the wedding took place outside under the beautiful gazebo, and the celebration continued with the reception spread out in the amazing antebellum mansion, the sprawling tent connected to the side door, and out on the grass lawn. alyssa and jay wanted a southern affair infused with color and personality, so, as you can imagine, we had a lot of fun with their flowers!

loved the bride's organza pleated dress with rhinestone detail and the bridesmaids' hot pink dresses- we wanted those bouquets to pop!
for the ceremony, we did floral arrangements in giant iron containers on either side of the gazebo, which were joined together at the top by arches of lush eleagnus branches

and we hung lit chandeliers from the branches of the giant old trees on the lawn

it wasn't easy to keep the flowers in the adorable flower girl's hair, but this pic is worth it!

we dressed up the cake (made by a family friend) with dahlias, roses, orchids, hydrangeas, and calla lilies in vibrant colors

these hung on the sweet white picket fence at the back entrance to the porch

the food was phenomenal! the salmon with mango salsa
was an especially big hit.
our twisted iron bases make an appearance again on the tables on the lawn, along with votive candles, black chairs, and white linen tablecloths
did i mention we had fun with the flowers?!?