Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Carey + Mark: The Details

We got to do some really fun things for Carey and Mark's wedding back in April. Tent weddings are always a great neutral backdrop for us to come up with design ideas. We draped the inside ceiling of the tent with shades of yellow fabric, and Martha came up with a great new way to hang the lanterns...we loved the way it turned out:

As guests entered the tent, they were presented with two tantalizing treats: Pashminas to keep the ladies warm-

-and flip flops to ease their aching feet! Aching, and muddy feet (refer to earlier post on weather)

Here is one of our beautiful mirrored bars in action. They looked so cool on the grass, and with our new acrylic lamps with linen shades...

Here was Carey and Mark's version of a photo booth....a custom made backdrop that guests piled in front of to pose for hilarious shots.

And as dinner was served, we whisked away the bride and groom for their own private dinner in the house.
Carey's aunt and uncle's house was just so beautiful and elegant....we loved the way the tent flowed right inside.

Guests grabbed one of these paper cones filled with confetti to say their goodbyes to the happy couple!

And, as the couple exited over the bridge at the end of the driveway and were showered with confetti and flower petals, Pat Patrick Band's horn section played them out to 'When the Saints Go Marching In."

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Carey + Mark's wonderful rainy day

Carey and Mark were married at First Presbyterian Church on April 24th. We had all diligently checked the weather forecast that week, and it was hard to tell exactly what would happen. What we did know was, this was going to be an outdoor, tented reception in Carey's aunt & uncle's backyard, so we figured, if it rained a bit, we would deal with it. Until this:
We set up the whole tent, all the flowers, linens, decor, etc. during the rain on Saturday morning. It was raining pretty hard, and we had to do a few things that were definitely out of our normal process (ciphering hoses to make drainage systems, creating makeshift platforms to get around mud puddles starting to form in the tent, etc). But through all of that, it ended up fabulous, and just before the ceremony was set to begin, it stopped raining and the sun came out! We all breathed a sigh of relief. Still a bit of rain in the area, but looked like it was going to miss us! Fingers crossed.

And then, the guests made their way from the ceremony to the reception, and the skies literally OPENED UP. We're not talking sprinkles, this was a full-on downpour. We kept the tent and its contents in order, but the worst part was that this was the time all guests were exiting their shuttles and walking up. They were all soaked! We grabbed umbrellas and towels and tried to dry everyone off as best as we could. You had to give this group credit though- they were so willing to brave the rain to be at Carey and Mark's wedding. They have a GREAT group of family and friends, that is to be sure! And if anything, the weather made it that much more of a fun and memorable event.

And of course, as soon as everyone arrived, the rain stopped...

More to come on Carey + Mark's special day!